UCA Coaches - Expert instruction

Owner/Head Coach, Marc Giordano

 Marc has been involved in martial arts, wrestling, and fitness his whole life. Starting with TaeKwonDo at age six, and then quickly moving into wrestling, judo, boxing, kickboxing, MMA, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as he moved through his adolescence. Any chance he had through his youth to train and be exposed to martial arts was taken full advantage of. 

Marc has competition experience in numerous forms of combat sports, is a black belt in Taekwondo under the WTF, a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, former amateur MMA fighter, and experience as a scholastic wrestling coach for New Hartford Sr. High School from 2008-2011.

Marc has also worked as a strength and conditioning coach for athletic performance for over ten years now, information and knowledge that he transfers into all of his coaching at UCA. 

Marc has been a cornerman in numerous MMA fights at both the amateur and professional level and continues to do so today. Always striving to advance his studies in martial arts, Marc is currently a student of third degree black belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Professor Scott Schultz (under Marcos Santos and the Machado Brothers) and is pursuing his black belt under Scott training with him at his gym Wolfmaster's BJJ in Manlius, NY on a weekly basis. 

UCA Coaches

Brian Ough - BJJ


Brian brings vast amounts of grappling experience to UCA. Brian is a brown belt under Jared Weiner of BJJ United. Brian is also a former wrestling coach with Mt. Markham peewee wrestling. Brian has served as a  corner-man at UFC 58, King of the Cage, and other professional MMA promotions/fights. 

Brian has extensive competition history. Besides wrestling, Brian has 2 amateur MMA bouts under his belt. In BJJ, Brian has placed several times in NAGA and multiple other grappling tournaments and also in 2 IBJJF PanAm gi tournaments.

Brian is an assistant coach for the adult Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program, as well as the MMA program, and is the head coach for the youth Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Self-Defense program. 

Dan Burger - Kickboxing & Kali


Dan has nearly 30 years of experience in multiple martial arts styles. Dan competed for 14 years 

In full-contact karate, American, Thai, and Sanda rules kickboxing and boxing. Dan has extensive training in both armed and unarmed martial arts and tactical defense systems. Dan is highly efficient at the practical use of the martial arts he studies and is a master at conveying the importance to each student he instructs.

Dan has spent much time training in the US and Canada with various groups in law  

Enforcement, Military, private security, and combat athletes, where he learned and compared the art styles, instruction, and potential uses for each art and has since developed his style of instruction to teach individuals with varying goals in their own journeys.

Dan is currently a member of law enforcement and has also spent the last 5 years working with behavioral youth. He also works using his talents with private security for local and national music events and clubs. Dan brings his experience to UCA and is very grateful for the opportunity to share his methods and practices of the martial arts.


Dan’s Accomplishments:  

  • 4th degree Black Belt Northern Go-Ju
  • Dan is 5th of only 6 Black Belts earned in the art of Aiki-Jitsu under Efren Reyes.
  • Purple Belt Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Certified Trainer n Pekiti-Tirsia & Affiliated with Pekiti-Tirsia International since 2001

Brian Stevens - Wrestling


Brian brings both athletic, competitive, and coaching experience to UCA’s Wrestling program. Brian’s expert knowledge with wrestling styles, rule-sets, and athletic training not only helps with our wrestling program but also is a valuable skill set for our MMA fighters. Brian is always willing to help those get extra work in. Brian is just the guy to help those willing to become an elite wrestler and athlete.

Brian is currently competing at the open level in the open division. Brian’s athletic history includes wrestling for Holland Patent HS in NY. Brian is an NYS Tournament multiple-time qualifiers and has also placed runner up. Brian has also reached the impressive All-American level at the National Level. Brian has shown longevity with 20 years of combined experience.

Brian has close to a decade of coaching experience including assistant coach with Holland Patent HS and assists with the Rome Youth Wrestling Program. Brian has coached 2 athletes to multiple state championships. Brian has been with UCA as wrestling coach for 3 years and is the best you could ask for if you are looking to take your wrestling career to the next level.