UCA Adult BJJ, MMA, and Kickboxing

Our adult programs are the perfect way to learn a new skill, get in shape and be ready to defend yourself and your family. 

If you want to enter the "cage" and fight, step on the mat at a BJJ competition or just want to come learn and be part of this awesome community, UCA has what you're looking for.

What do we offer?

Gi and no-gi Brazillian Jiu Jitsu

Boxing and Kickboxing



Come try a three class trial and see how you like it.

Our program is $100.00 for unlimited adult program training and $80.00 for part time schedule per month.

Contact us today to find out more!

Youth BJJ & Self Defense

UCA Youth BJJ Program

Our youth program helps children learn how to defend themselves, builds confidence and discipline. There have been countless publications explaining the benefit of martial arts with children. From knowing how to defend themselves to being ready for school spots. 

Our youth program is run by coach Brian Ough who is a BJJ Brown Belt, and an amazing coach for this program.

Our youth program runs Mondays and Wednesdays at 5:15 PM.

The program costs:

$80.00 / month 


$200.00 for 3 months

Contact us today for more benefts or to sign up!

Kali/Filipino Martial Arts

UCA Kali/Pekiti Tirsia Program

 This program is led by Dan Burger and trains specifically pekiti tirsia and is affiliated with pekiti tirsia international. This class goes over close quarter fighting techniques from various Southeast Asian and Filipino martial arts. Ideal for those looking for real world combatives self-defense as well as being ideal for law enforcement professionals.  


UCA Wrestling program w/USA Wrestling


This program is run by UCA coaches Marc Giordano, Brian Stevens, Tom Mulchy, and Bob Gentile and is affiliated with USA Wrestling. We also have a great deal of rotating coaches with exceptional wrestling backgrounds that are in and out of the gym on a yearly basis. UCA is also the eastern satellite location for the acclaimed Mohawk Valley Wrestling Club which is Upstate NY's oldest and largest Olympic style wrestling club. UCA hosts these practices every Tuesday from the end of February until early June. UCA holds wrestling practices for all ages year round, and has great participation from schools all over Section 3. We have awesome options for those interested in combination training (wrestling with jiu jitsu or MMA). Please refer to our schedule on the site for the current wrestling practice calendar. 

Affiliations and Partners