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Are you ready to start your new journey into BJJ, MMA, or kickboxing? Let our expert coaches help you become a strong and confident martial artist. Whether you want to get in shape, learn how to defend yourself, or compete in BJJ competitions or MMA fights, UCA has classes for all walks of life.

BJJ Fundamentals Clinic with Coach Dan

On February 29 from 10 am to 11:30 am, UCA will hold a BJJ fundamentals clinic for all new members. Coach Dan will run the clinic and teach many of the fundamentals to help you become a successful BJJ Practitioner. Some topics will be: dojo etiquette, warm up, basic positions, submissions, and escapes.

All new members are encouraged to attend.

February 2020


CNY Kali and MArtial Concepts

CNY Kali Feb. Schedule

Download UCA's and CNY Kali class calendars

feb 2020 uca calendar (pdf)


CNY KAli calendar feb (pdf)